Spare Parts

Replacement Filter Cartridges

Your pool is continuously filtering water to clean and remove dirt. A filter cartridge inside traps dirt in a fabric mesh as it passes through the filtering device. As you might imagine, this filter gets quite dirty. A simple way to improve your filter and dramatically improve the water is to replace the filter cartridge. This introduces a cleaner filter to the pool water.There are a few steps to follow that make this job a snap.

How to Replace a Pool Filter Cartridge

Things You'll Need

  • New filter cartridge
  • Screwdriver and basic tools


  1. Shut off the main breaker to the pool filter by accessing your home's breaker box. This breaker should be clearly marked. Once shut off, the pool filter will shut down.
  2. Shut all the valves to the filter by closing the valve handles. Open the release valve by turning it to the right. This will allow air to escape from the filter, clearing the lines.
  3. Remove the filter cartridge by opening the filter box and pulling the cartridge up and out of the housing. To open the cartridge area, remove retaining screws around the housing and pull the cap off. Follow your manufacturer's specific instructions for this step.
  4. Slide the new filter cartridge into the housing area. Replace the top of the housing and secure it by re-tightening the screws and hardware.
  5. Open all the valves on the filter. Start the filter again by turning the breaker back on. Once the filter resumes normal operation, shut the air release valve.

 Tips & Warnings

  • Always follow specific manufacturer's instructions when attempting to work on your pool filter.
  • There is danger of electric shock when working on a pool filter. Take precautions before you open any covers or change your filter.