Robotic Pool Cleaners

COSMY the Bot 100

For pools up to 8 metres. Floor only.


Cosmy robots are equipped with two stage planetary gear technology, a drive system that offers greater efficiency and better precision; combined with two drive motors and a powerful pump, Cosmy is one of the most reliable robotic cleaners on the market.  This system is the ideal solution for fast, optimized travel, unmatched cleaning and unrivalled reliability.


With their rapid and logical travel mode and powerful suction, Cosmy robotic cleaners work fast. Cleaning cycles are short, consume less energy, and yield a flawless result.

Responsive and intuitive

Cosmy the Bot 100 is intu­itive and easy to use. At the touch of a button it gets to work. Ergonomic and clever, just as you like it.

Beautifully made and elegant

Although Cosmy the Bot 100 is very small, its ultra-modern design allows it to clean faster and more effi­ciently while consuming less energy. Cosmy the Bot: super cute, but high perfor­mance!


Feather weight!

Cosmy the Bot 100 is half as heavy as most conven­tional robotic cleaners. Its rapid drain system makes it wonder­fully easy to remove from the pool; good news for your back!.

Powerful filtration

When it comes to suction, Cosmy the Bot 100 is one of the most powerful robotic cleaners on the market.

Impeccably clean pool floors

Cosmy the Bot 100 travels easily over every pool floor and every type of water­proofing finish. It moves nimbly and adapts to any config­u­ra­tion. Its opti­mized cleaning path ensures an impec­cable clean, what­ever the shape of the pool.

Prac­tical and clev­erly designed

Cosmy is simple, clean and pleasant to use.

An indi­cator light warns you when the filter is full and needs to be emptied. At the touch of a button, the filter is freed and can be pulled out from above and cleaned, all without getting your hands dirty.


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