Ozone Chlorinator

SWC Ozone


  • health benefits of a salt or mineral pool
  • powerful sanitation provided by ozone
  • convenience of mineral saltwater chlorinator running at 4000ppm
  • optimum water balance with algorithmic pH control
  • 3 Year Warranty

How it works?

  • Ozone is the frontline of defense against bacteria and other pathogens in the water. Ozone is a powerful sanitizer and leaves no trace in the pool water after treatment.
  • The SWC chlorinator provides a safe residual disinfectant at low concentrations of mineral salts. The SWC chlorinator has a specially engineered electrolytic cell that runs at low TDS (4000ppm).
  • pH control enhances the effectiveness of the sanitizer by maintaining the pH of the water in the correct range. The algorithmic pH doser is incorporated into the unit.

 Proudly Manufactured in Australia