Stanley SCA Media Filter

  • Fully injection moulded for strength and longer life
  • Unique under drain ensures effective backwashing in less time, saving water 
  • Suitable for sand, glass and other filtration medias

Innovative Design Master Craftsmanship Trusted Brand

The Stanley SCA Media Filter produces crystal clear water using fine sand or recycled crushed glass media as the filter medium. Each filter incorporates an engineered multiport valve to direct the water flow and minimise the resistance through the filter, making the SCA

Media Filter ideal for today’s energy efficient high performance pumps. Low resistance to water flow means less energy required by the pump and power savings to you. Simple and easy installation means lower installation and maintenance costs. High quality components such as the oil filled pressure gauge, corrosion free clamp band and valve connections, and fast draining of water and filter media for maintenance mean the SCA range is economical and easy to maintain and service for the life of the product.


The SCA range is available in 3 models complete with 6 way multiport valve, pressure gauge and air release, barrel unions and backwash sight glass.


Each filter is covered by a limited 10 year warranty on the tank and 12 month warranty on the valve and internals.

Capacity Table

Dimensions with valve installed