Evoclear Premium Glass Filter Media

Evoclear Premium Glass Filter Media is the perfect choice for any media filter, delivering better filtration and reduced operating costs. Evoclear Filter Media is premixed in a carefully formulated grade of 1-2mm particles, offering the best performance without the hassle of mixing grades.

The EC Series Advantage

  • Removes more materials and pollutants than sand, significantly reducing chemical use. 
  • Made from 100% recycled glass material, reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Increased flow rates resulting in better pool water circulation and shorter filtration cycles. 
  • Less likely to block or channel in filter bed than sand or other media.
  • Requires typically 25% less filter media than silica sand.
  • Saves energy through easier pump loads and extended pump life.
  • Sterilised and heat treated to 350°c, resulting in a pure, contaminant free media.
  • Lasts up to 3 times longer than sand, Evoclear glass degrades very slowly due to the advanced heat treatment process.
  • Supplied in a pre-mixed grade, no need to use fine and coarse grades together.
  • Less susceptible to biofouling, due to the uniform surface structure of the glass. 
  • Filters finer contaminants all the way through the media bed, eliminating issues of contaminants clogging on the bed surface.

Pre-Mixed Grade

Evoclear Glass Filter Media is conveniently supplied as a combined fine and coarse grade comprised of 1-2mm particles. This grade has been carefully formulated and mixed to result in ideal particle distribution throughout the entire filter bed, providing excellent filtration.

Reduced Bacteria

Evoclear Glass Filter Media is less susceptible to biofouling than sand media. The heat treated surfaces of Evoclear glass particles are uniform, so bacteria can not become trapped in cracks or flaws, requiring less remedial action and less chemical treatment to destroy pollutants.