Domestic Range of Rollers

Reels for Inground Pools

The HydroTools™ Solar Reel range offers the choice of stationary or mobile models with fixed or adjustable height and are suitable for pools up to 7m wide and 20m long.

HRST & HRFM Endurance Reels

  • Suits Pools up to 6.1m wide
  • Fixed 395mm height from base to tube
  • Adjustable tube lengths

HRJT & HRJM Endurance Reels

  • Suits pools up to 6.1m wide
  • Extra 150mm adjustable leg height for placing on uneven pool surrounds
  • Adjustable tube lengths

HRYJT & HRYJM Endurance Reels

  • Larger diameter tube to support longer blankets for pools up to 6.7m wide
  • Adjustable height 585 - 925mm
  • A higher axle position means less bending to roll the blanket in
  • Adjustable tube lengths

HRX Advanced Reel

  • A portable reel that you simply lift from the bracket and roll to store away.
  • Suits pools up to 6.1m wide
  • Adjustable tube lengths

Reels for Above Ground Pools

HRAK Endurance Reel

The newest addition to the Endurance range, this reel is supplied with attachment straps and overcover.

  • Suits pools from 3.0m to 6.1m wide.
  • Fixed leg height, attachment clamp supplied.
  • Adjustable 75mm anodised tube.

HRA6 Advanced Reel

This new model supersedes the old HRA reel which was discontinued in 2015.

  • Suits pools up to 5.5m wide
  • Adjustable 75mm anodised tube
  • Optional extra - Pipe frame adaptor clamp to attach directly to a frame style pool such as Intex pools.

How long does a pool reel system last? 

Rollers from the HydroTools™ Endurance Range have a 5 year pro-rata warranty, and the HydroTools™ Advanced Range have a 3 year pro-rata warranty.

You may find similar looking reels online at cheaper prices, but be aware these will not be Hydrotools brand, and will be a different quality - many have only a 12 month warranty, and others offer as little as 30 days. Cheap blanket reels generally don't come with an overcover either. All Hydrotools reels are supplied with an overcover.

Regardless of which reel or which solar cover you have, when your pool cover is rolled up on the reel, you should always use a protective overcover. The overcover stops the solar blanket from

The protective overcover supplied with the Hydrotools Reels is white on top, and silver underneath, and comes with eyelets fitted, and bungee cord to secure it to the roller. If you do not have an overcover, you can purchase one separately, or use a reflective tarp to keep the sun off the rolled up cover.