Foam Spa Cover

Made from closed-cell, polyethylene foam, a foam spa cover will reduce water evaporation and heating costs. It has excellent insulating properties, and will help keep dust and debris out of the water. Available in 10mm or 20mm thick panels, in a range of standard sizes.

  • Help keep spa free of leaves and debris
  • Reduce spa maintenance time
  • Save money on heating costs
  • Virtually eliminates evaporation
  • Can be cut to any size or shape
  • 12 month pro-rata warranty
  • Australian Made

Click HERE for "How to trim a spa cover to fit"

How to get the most out of your foam spa cover

  • Do not walk, jump, sit or lie on the spa cover at any time.
  • Do not drag or slide the cover when moving it. Instead, always lift and carry the cover.
  • Store the cover away from rough or abrasive surfaces as these will wear and damage it.
  • Rinse before storing for long periods.
  • Clean your cover using a mild soap detergent and rinse well after cleaning. Do not scrub with harsh brushes or scourers.
  • Do not leave your Spa Cover in direct sunlight when it is not in use, even for short periods of time!
  • Do not allow chemical levels to exceed normal readings on test kit.

Standard Sizes

Foam covers come in either a 10mm or 20mm thickness. 10mm covers are supplied with an eyelet and velcro hinge join, while 20mm covers are rigid enough to sit together without hinging. Foam panels are approximately 1 metre wide so there will be a join in the cover every metre.