Commercial Pool Covers

Reduce pool running costs with a floating blanket. You'll cut chemical use in half, virtually eliminate water evaporation and heat loss, and indoor pools will also benefit from lower humidity levels and reduced air-conditioning costs.

ABGAL commercial blankets are supplied in modular sections up to 6 metres (20') wide, with options for reinforced edging, haul cords, wind skirts and flotation rods. Protective over-covers can be custom printed with logos or a sponsor's name, and attached to the end of the blanket for easy use! Choose from the Oasis Solar Blanket and the HeatShield™ Thermal Pool Blanket.

Oasis Solar

The Oasis Solar commercial blanket is the lightest, lowest profile* commercial solar blanket available. Made from UV stabilised polyethylene film and featuring SmartBubble technology, it is lightweight, flexible and easy to store. With a profile 25% flatter than any other solar blanket, it is noticeably lighter and easier to roll than other brands - perfect for large blanket sections, or manually operated storage reels.

Oasis SmartBubble is suitable for outdoor and indoor pools, and carries a 3 year (400 micron) or 4 year (500 micron) , pro-rata warranty when used for normal commercial purposes.

Heatshield™ Thermal Pool Blanket

The Heatshield™ Thermal Pool Blanket is the most effective type of cover for heat retention. This quality, durable blanket is ideal for heated pools, and will significantly reduce your heating, chemical, cleaning and water costs.

Consisting of a 3mm thick, double reinforced, multi-layered construction, the water proof closed-cell polyethylene foam gives the blanket its superior thermal resistance qualities. The impermeable base layer gives the blanket its chemical resistance.

Heatshield™ Benefits are:

  • Virtual elimination of water loss through evaporation
  • Cut heat loss by up to 75% reducing your total heating (solar, electric, gas, etc) costs by 35%
  • Cut water evaporation by 95% reducing your chemical consumption by up to 50%
  • Nearly eliminating the corrosive condensation that forms with indoor pools
  • Quality woven fabric that is formulated to suit Australia’s harsh conditions
  • Gives better insulating properties than a solar bubble blanket, ideal for indoor heated pools

Optional extras for all styles of commercial blankets include:

  • full edge binding
  • end reinforcing
  • wind skirts
  • flotation rods
  • haul cords
  • single point attachment harness at each end of the blanket
  • attached over-covers for protection
  • custom printed over-covers

Why should I buy an ABGAL Solar Pool Cover over another brand?

Only ABGAL Oasis solar blankets are manufactured using the revolutionary new 'SmartBubble' profile.

Save water. The Oasis 400 and 500 micron varieties have been independently tested, and proven to stop up to 99.84% of evaporation.

A warmer pool. The blanket can increase water temperature by up to 8°C.

Chemical consumption will be greatly reduced. Once a blanket is installed, we recommend that automated chlorinators be turned down by 50%.

All Oasis blankets are suitable for both salt water and chlorinated pools.

All Oasis solar blankets are specially treated to resist UV damage.

Made in Australia, Oasis pool blankets are constructed from category 4 LDPE – which means that off cuts can be recycled at any plant with the capacity to recycle LDPE 4.