Solar Pool Cover (Bubble Blanket)

Solar Pool Covers (sometimes called Bubble Blankets)

Oasis solar pool covers/ blankets are manufactured using the revolutionary 'SmartBubble' profile. Exclusive to ABGAL, SmartBubble boasts all the benefits of our original bubble shape, in a bubble that is around 20% flatter - making our solar covers more compact and easier to handle.

What are the main benefits of an ABGAL Oasis Solar Pool Cover?

  • Save water. The Oasis 400 and 500 micron varieties have been independently tested, and proven to stop up to 99.84% of evaporation.
  • You'll swim sooner and longer – your pool cover will increase the water temperature by up to 8°C, giving you a warmer pool, for longer.
  • Your chemical consumption will be greatly reduced. Once a pool cover is installed, we recommend that automated chlorinators be turned down by 50%.
  • All Oasis covers are suitable for both salt water and chlorinated pools.
  • All Oasis solar pool covers are specially treated to resist UV damage.
  • Made in Australia, Oasis pool covers are made from category 4 LDPE – so are completely recyclable!

Which Solar Pool Cover suits my needs?


Oasis Solarcover (250 micron) is an economical, translucent blue blanket which reduces water evaporation by up to 95%. It is light weight and easy to handle, and comes with a three year pro-rata warranty. 

 Oasis Solar Blanket (400 and 500 micron variety) is the premium grade classic blue bubble style. Thicker and tougher than the Solarcover, these blankets are built to last longer and come with a five or eight year pro-rata warranty. Independently tested, they are proven to stop up to 99.84% of evaporation.

 Oasis Silverback (500 micron) is our heaviest grade of solar blanket. Translucent blue on top attracts the sun’s rays, while a silver backing helps to hold the heat into the water. It will prevent up to 99.84 of evaporation, and comes with an eight year pro-rata warranty.

Oasis Koolcover (400 micron) looks like a solar blanket, but will not heat the water. Ideal for hot climates or heated pools, it prevents the sun's rays from penetrating and heating the water, helping to maintain existing water temperature. It will also stop up to 99.84% of evaporation, and comes with a 5 year pro-rata warranty.

How does a Solar Pool Cover work?

A cost effective and convenient way to save water and heat your pool at the same time, Solar blankets are made from a film containing thousands of tiny bubbles, which work together to collect and retain heat in your pool. The blanket floats on top of the water (bubble side down) and allows solar energy to pass through - trapping and retaining the heat in your pool.

All ABGAL Oasis solar pool covers feature SmartBubble technology - the 'smartest' bubble profile on the market. Used in conjunction with a reel system, most residential pools can be covered and uncovered quickly and easily – often in around a minute.


How do I measure my pool to know what size solar blanket I need?

Solar blankets are supplied as a rectangular sheet and therefore need to cover the entire pool including steps. Measure the longest length and the widest width of pool (see diagrams below) to ensure you get the correct blanket for your pool at the waterline.


Click HERE for instructions -  HOW TO FIT YOUR NEW POOL COVER